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*Donations to our non-profit ARE tax deducible
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Volunteers + Donations = PRESERVATION

WS Kelly General Merchandise – Cogar, OK

Our 501(3)(c) Non-profit Abandoned Atlas (AOK, AAR & AKS) is dedicated to preserving Oklahoma and Arkansas’s past. Through photography, research and documentation, we are able to capture the histories and stories of these once great locations. We are passionate about architecture and preservation. We want to share with the world the beautiful locations we have in Arkansas and Oklahoma.

After documenting and sharing our photos since 2009, now we hope to take our group to a new level we have always wanted to go, and we need YOUR help!
Recently, we started a volunteer community, History Rescue, to take action and help clean-up/restore these places by working with the owner. Actions could include anything from lawn maintenance, boarding up windows, cleaning out the inside, restoring signage to maybe one day bringing them back to life!

How can I help?

Eddy Sisson – Dogpatch USA – Marble Falls, Arkansas (Arkansas History Rescue)

Fill out the form and sign up to help protect: SIGN UP

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By signing up, you are not committing to anything, you are simply subscribing to be notified of upcoming volunteer dates. If you can make it, even for an hour, we will be glad to have you!

Where is my money going?

The money you donate will be going to our recognized Nonprofit 501(3)(c) “Abandoned Atlas” by the IRS  and will be spent on supplies for cleanup, materials for securing buildings and hopefully one day will go towards renovation costs. The funds will also help keep our websites running. Your money will never line our pockets and will 100% go back into our efforts to help preserve our valued landmarks! *All donations are tax-deductible*

What if I want to make a one-time donation?

Of course, that is an option! You can make a one-time donation to the Abandoned Atlas Foundation by going to PayPal and sending your amount to our email, board@abandonedatlas.com. Here is a link for your convenience.



Volunteer Gallery:

If you wish to donate a different way, please send us an email, board@abandonedatlas.com, and we can work with you! We also want to hear from you! If you would like your photos and research to be considered for an article, please contact us board@abandonedatlas.com

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