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andy busch mansion

Andy Busch Mansion

If you live in St. Louis you are familiar with the Busch family dynasty. From their lavish homes to their state-of-the-art farm with their prized Clydesdales, they are well known in the area of...

granby masonic lodge

Granby Masonic Lodge

This grand structure sits in downtown Granby bearing above its entrance the date of its construction ‘1901’ and the symbol of the Masons. The two-story building’s second story was...

camp mintahama

Camp Mintahama

I can still picture waking up on a morning in early summer, spending the whole night before packing and triple checking my checklist to make sure I had all the things I would need on the adventure...

4 acre motel

4 Acre Motel

Table of Contents ToggleDecades of CrimeThe Kansas City Star – March 30, 1952The Kansas City Times – July 17, 1953The Kansas City Star – July 19, 1983The Kansas City Star –...

olivia apartments

Olivia Apartments

Table of Contents ToggleOlivia Apartments HotelOlivia Apartments Fire 2020Restoration of the Olivia ApartmentsGallery Below of Olivia Apartments Olivia Apartments Hotel In 1906 a building permit was...

hailey school

Hailey School House

In November 1884 the plot of land that would in time become home of the Hailey School house was purchased by William McKinney and Newton L. & Nancy Hailey. Nancy (McKinnley) Hailey was the...

Emerson Elementary School

Emerson Elementary School

Table of Contents Toggle2011 Joplin Tornado Destroys SchoolsDemolition of Emerson Elementary SchoolGallery Below of Emerson Elementary School Emerson Elementary School began (and ended) as a...

belmont casket factory crane

Belmont Casket Factory

While not much written documentation of the Belmont Casket Factory in Crane Missouri, what is documented paints a pretty interesting story. Built prior to the 1960s, the Belmont Casket Factory was...

metro north mall

Metro North Mall

Table of Contents ToggleThe Pleasure of Shopping… Metro North!Come For The Shopping… Stay For The FUN!Gallery Below of Metro North Mall The Pleasure of Shopping… Metro North! The...

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