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ha ha tonka mansion

Ha Ha Tonka Mansion

When driving through the Ozarks of Camden County one can expect to see an abundance of sparkling springs, waterfalls, lakes, caves, and acres of trees. The Ha Ha Tonka State Park is comprised of a...

hall theater

Hall Theater

Cassville Community Building When I first heard and laid eyes on this building, it was unfortunately at the end of its lifetime. Our Photojournalist Billy Wade is oftentimes very intertwined in...

Cypress Acres/Hoffmeister Mansion

Cypress Acres/Hoffmeister Mansion

This once-grand home, known as the Hoffmeister Mansion in later years, has surmounted to nothing but memories and dust for those that often drove by it going between Joplin and Webb City. Thought to...

first congregational church neosho

First Congregational Church of Neosho

The (First) Congregational Church of Neosho was organized on August 12, 1866 with eight founding members. The first services were held in the Baptist Church until their own building was built at the...

naval reserve training center

Naval Reserve Training Center

Dating back to March 29, 1947, when Vice-Admiral G.D. Murray was sent to Joplin to select the site of a brand new Naval Reserve Training Center. Soon thereafter construction began but took almost two...

Cypress Acres/Hoffmeister Mansion

Schell City Jail

The Schell City Jail sits on the edge of town, lonely, neglected and forgotten about. With little history documented online, it seems this chapter of Schell City’s history has been shut for...

Cypress Acres/Hoffmeister Mansion

Sumner Jail

The Sumner Jail was dedicated in June 1906 with the first inmate being Frank Pearson, a horse tamer. The new concrete fireproof structure was to replace the previous calaboose which was set on fire...

Cypress Acres/Hoffmeister Mansion

Triplett Jail

The Triplett Jail’s history is elusive, unfortunately, this is the case with many of the tiny jails left in the Midwest. Having documented hundred of these jails throughout Oklahoma, Kansas...

Cypress Acres/Hoffmeister Mansion

Cuba Jail

The Cuba Jail holds a special place in my heart, the look of this calaboose is enough to draw anyone in. Constructed in 1908 the building is a perfect shade of gray and displays Cuba Jail 1908 above...

Cypress Acres/Hoffmeister Mansion

Dalton Jail

While the Dalton Jail may look small to someone who has never seen a calaboose, it is actually on the larger scale of ones documented by us. The sign above the door to the jail says the calaboose was...

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