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ha ha tonka mansion

Ha Ha Tonka Mansion

When driving through the Ozarks of Camden County one can expect to see an abundance of sparkling springs, waterfalls, lakes, caves, and acres of trees. The Ha Ha Tonka State Park is comprised of a...

Swimmin Hole Water Park

Swimmin’ Hole Water Park

The sun comes up over the Joplin horizon, water is turned on and just for a bit the running water from the splash pads and waterslides along with the morning birds are the only noise in the rural...

indian ridge mansions

Indian Ridge Mansions

It’s not every day that you come across an abandoned mansion, let alone a whole neighborhood of them. The Indian Ridge Mansions development has been the subject of controversy and headache to...

kkk cave

Ku Klux Klan Cave – Neosho

The Ku Klux Klan was created as a result of the Civil War and the loss of the Confederate soldiers to keep slavery in the southern states. Formed originally as a “social club” it quickly...

Union Depot - Joplin

Union Depot – Joplin

The Union Depot of Joplin was designed by prominent Kansas City architect Louis Curtiss. The construction of the larger than most train station began in April of 2010 and took a little over a year to...

Union Depot - Joplin

Alba High School

The student body outgrew their current education facility at Alba and plans to build a new school were accepted in February of 1907, exciting the community. The new high school would have eight...

Union Depot - Joplin

Schell City Jail

The Schell City Jail sits on the edge of town, lonely, neglected and forgotten about. With little history documented online, it seems this chapter of Schell City’s history has been shut for...

Union Depot - Joplin

Sumner Jail

The Sumner Jail was dedicated in June 1906 with the first inmate being Frank Pearson, a horse tamer. The new concrete fireproof structure was to replace the previous calaboose which was set on fire...

Union Depot - Joplin

Triplett Jail

The Triplett Jail’s history is elusive, unfortunately, this is the case with many of the tiny jails left in the Midwest. Having documented hundred of these jails throughout Oklahoma, Kansas...

Union Depot - Joplin

Cuba Jail

The Cuba Jail holds a special place in my heart, the look of this calaboose is enough to draw anyone in. Constructed in 1908 the building is a perfect shade of gray and displays Cuba Jail 1908 above...

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